Bamboo Cabinets If you’re looking for a cabinet choice that offers a bit of individuality and won’t be found in the next house down the street, bamboo cabinets might be your answer. Bamboo cabinets offer several benefits and a visual appeal that’s uniquely different from cabinetry that’s made with more traditional materials. Bamboo is strong and hard and is also a highly sustainable natural resource.

  • Sustainability – Fast renewing ability makes bamboo a green product that delivers the look of wood without the harsh environmental impact.
  • Strength and Durability – When properly treated, bamboo can be as hard as or harder than oak or maple and creates longwearing and sturdy cabinet doors.
  • Elegance and Warmth – Although light colored bamboo kitchen cabinets are most often used in modern kitchen design, darker finishes have a warm glow that softens contemporary settings without sacrificing elegance.
  • Easy Maintenance – Unlike some hardwoods that require regular oiling to maintain their good looks, bamboo cabinets clean up easily with warm, soapy water and a soft cloth.